Bespoke Shirts

Why Custom Bespoke Shirts?

A well-fitting shirt is the first layer of a suit or an outfit. Garrison Bespoke will help you determine the shirts you need in order to build your complete look for work, leisure, or romance. You will have the perfect look no matter the occasion

Perfect Fit: One size does not fit all. Numerous problems occur with off-the-rack shirts, which begin to show once you start wearing it. Off-the-rack shirts can be especially uncomfortable because it is made to fit someone else’s measurements — it frankly does not fit.

Ideal Colour: Colour is as important to a shirt as its fit is. Our Bespoke shirts not only complement the colours of your suit, it also complements your skin tone. A custom-made shirt from Garrison will give you just the right shade and hue to cover both of these points.

The Details: With bespoke tailoring, you get to choose custom clothing with details that showcase your own sense of style and personality.