The Versatile Overcoat

A beloved Classic, Made with a Modern Fit

Top 3 reasons to choose Garrison Bespoke overcoats over everyday off the rack jackets:

Bulky fit vs. Fits like a glove.

Off the rack coats make you choose between unflattering bulky shoulders to accommodate a jacket underneath, or a tight and uncomfortable shoulder fit. Your custom Garrison Bespoke overcoat features shoulders and armholes cut specifically to your body. Its perfect fit and length allows you to wear it comfortably, either over your business suit or casually on weekends with jeans.


Your coat is designed exclusively for you. You can rest assured knowing that your jacket is one of a kind and that you will not embarrassingly be running into another colleague wearing the same coat as you at the office.

Personalized attention to detail.

Add made-to-order elements like surgeon’s cuffs, patch pockets, back collars, monogrammed initials, and more. Our experienced professionals are here to help you design your own unique piece and refine your style.


S.YARHI Garrison Bespoke Feb. 18 2012 Shoot-64

Custom Camel Overcoat

Custom Black Overcoat by Garrison Bespoke