Modern Macintosh Raincoat

A beloved Classic, made with a Modern Fit

Winston Churchill himself commissioned the creation of a fabric to help Britain’s soldiers stay dry and warm as they parachuted into water, storming the shore and into battle. This is the same famous fabric that is used in the Garrison Bespoke Macintosh Raincoat. This custom-made raincoat is the only one of its kind in North America, helping you create a signature piece for yourself in the same way that Winston Churchill did.

We haven’t strayed too far from the classic Macintosh raincoat, keeping with the beauty of its original design. At Garrison, we’ve given the classic Macintosh a cut that is both flattering and modern for contemporary wear. Churchill would approve.

Every detail, from liners to surgeon cuffs, lets you personalize it as your own. Such personal touches are a necessity when it comes to outerwear, as it’s the details that leave an impression.

Never settle for a baggy, off the rack raincoat over top your tailored suit. Our Macintosh is cut to the ideal length and is slim-fitted to match the sharp outfit underneath. Rain or shine, this versatile jacket can be dressed down during weekends with jeans and a pair of vintage oxfords