Ariston Napoli Trunk Show March 15th 2014

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Ariston Napoli Trunk Show


Garrison Bespoke is delighted to be hosting a trunk show this weekend, March 15th, featuring a unique collection of Ariston Napoli fabrics.


Ariston is like the Stanly Tucci of suiting fabrics. It’s well known but not everywhere, only strategically used. It’s exclusive. In fact, many bespoke afficianados will only wear suits made from Ariston cloth — and decide to use a tailor based on whether or not they carry it.

Garrison has been carrying Ariston fabrics since the very beginning. Michael Nguyen was first introduced to the mill many years ago and immeditately fell for with the quality and unique colours of Ariston’s fabrics — the way it drapes perfectly when cut into a suit. He brought in the fabric from Naples as a special request for a client who wanted something different from what anyone one else had.

In a lot of ways, Ariston and Garrison are a perfect match.The appeal of both operations is that they’re small. Ariston is a family-run operation based just outside of Naples, where they produce incredibly high quality wool. They produce only a small number of different cloths — usually less than a dozen per season, renewed every few months. Of course, you don’t need a wide range of initial cloth options to make a truly unique suit. That’s part of the reason Michael likes Ariston so much—it offers a solid, simple base to work with. The navy blues are vibrant. The plaids are traditional but exciting. The corduroys are woven tight and shimmer in different lights. Ariston pays attention to detail in the cloth, so that Garrison tailors can pay attention to detail in the construction of the suit. Consider the navy sports coat Michael had custom made for himself this season using Ariston:garrison-bespoke-9675 The  blue fabric is striking on its own. But it’s also a perfect complement to Michael’s personal details. There are the ivory buttons, for example. Or the lining—a sublte silk floral that’s perfect for spring. And then, of course, there’s the fit. This jacket is taken in perfectly to elongate his body—that’s exactly how Michael likes to wear his jackets, and the weight and texture of the Ariston fabric makes that possible. Swing by the Garrison showroom this weekend to see what else you can do with great fabric.