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Ranked as Canada’s Best Bespoke Tailor

Garrison Bespoke is thrilled to be recognized as the #1 Bespoke Tailor in Toronto. We are committed to making the best handmade suits for discerning men around the world. Our craft lies in creating stylish garments that not only adhere to modern trends in men’s fashion, but also to their unique lifestyle. Using traditional tailoring methods passed down from English tradesmen on Savile Row, Garrison is able to provide each and every client with expert advice on how to build the most stylish and practical wardrobe for their everyday wear. We take pride in going beyond simply making suits — we create garments that inspire confidence and success.

This year, numerous media outlets have acknowledged the unique retail experience that Garrison Bespoke offers its clients. Publications such as Toronto Life, Sharp Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Washington Times, and GQ, have featured Garrison among their lists of outstanding places to buy a suit. Fox, CBS, and even the good folks at the Discovery Channel have taken notice of our trade, naming Garrison Bespoke as the most “refined” suiting experience for modern men. Additionally, Glamour Magazine informs its female demographic that Garrison is the place to buy their male counterparts the perfect suit. We are delighted that the one thing all of these publications agree on is Garrison’s objective: to create exceptional garments that go beyond expectations. So, whether it is a waterproof, diamond crushed, or even a bulletproof suit, Garrison Bespoke is willing to go the extra mile for all of our valued clients.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s Financial district, Garrison Bespoke is committed to providing you with the finest quality suits and the most sophisticated retail experience.


Top 3 Offers:


1. Modern Style

Garrison Bespoke suits are cut to a modern aesthetic that is perfectly tailored to the individual man’s body. Our motto is, “remove as much excess fabric as possible”, in order to provide our client with a slimmer fitting garment that looks and feels like it was made specifically for their unique frame. Off-the-rack clothing simply doesn’t give you the same modern style and fit for your body, your image, or your lifestyle. If you’re serious about dressing well, you deserve clothing that speaks to the man that you are: strong, confident, and forward thinking.

Custom garments from Garrison layer modern styling over a classic foundation; conservative enough to convey credibility, yet stylish enough to stand out.

This mindset in styling extends beyond our suits to shirts, overcoats, tuxedos, trousers, and even shoes.


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2. Bespoke Quality

Our clients admit that they, “will not return to off-the-rack clothing,” after their Garrison Bespoke experience. The reason? Off-the-rack simply pales in comparison. At Garrison, all of your clothing is made from an exclusive selection of the finest cloths imported from Italy and the UK; personalized to your exact measurements and styling preferences for a quality fit that is sharp and flawless.

Bespoke quality isn’t merely in the look of the suit — it’s in the feeling. Wearing a garment that was made specifically for your body’s measurements feels special, comfortable, and ultimately, like home. Our clients agree that a bespoke suit makes them feel superior. It helps them stand taller, exude confidence, and projects a bold statement where ever they go.

3. Expert Guidance

Successful men don’t have the time nor the inclination to study trends, styles, or fabrics — that’s where we come in. Our in-house stylists are ready to work with you one-on-one to learn about your individual lifestyle and provide you with the best options for your professional look and performance. After pouring you a drink and getting to know you a little bit better, we’ll go over the details of the suit – the cuts, proportions, and fabrics – that are most fitting to your frame and  practical for your everyday needs. You can be sure that at Garrison, we’ll tell you the truth. You will always leave looking great and feeling confident.


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Garrison has years of experience working with an array of men in various professional industries. We’re proud to have clothed thousands of professionals across the globe. At Garrison, you’ll not only get the perfect suit to fit your lifestyle, but you’ll also greatly benefit from our knowledge and expertise.



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