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New Ties have arrived

January 12, 2011

If you didn’t get a gift this X-mas..or none that you enjoyed..come over to the shop and get yourself some ties.  With the new year we have our latest shipment of ties.   Were very big on classics like solid Grenadines and Twills, Repp stripes, and Pindots but with our own modern twist.  Some of the Repp Stripes pictured have alternating Flannel wool stripes woven in between. The ties we make here in Toronto and the ones from Milan have a heavier inner layer (known as a super)  which allows you to get a nice hefty knot and the fierce dimples we enjoy.  We favor the Four in Hand Knot and here is a beautiful one on a black grenadine. In addition, a new shipment of ties and pocketsquares  from Altea Milano comes to us near the end of the month.  At Garrison Bespoke we live by the motto, “To Be or Knot to Be”.

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